Upcoming Programs

  • October 2019: 40th anniversary event of the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboards.

Past Programs

Since 1979, the Westfield Center has sponsored many conferences, led international study tours, issued publications and its own journal and quarterly newsletter, and produced or collaborated on countless workshops and concerts.











    • Mendelssohn and the Contrapuntal Tradition, co-sponsored with the 8th Annual Eastman Rochester Organ Initiative (EROI) festival, October 29–November 1, 2009.


    • Johann Sebastian Bach and the Organ, a symposium in conjunction with the EROI festival, 16-20 October.
    • Publication of the first issue of Keyboard Perspectives, the Yearbook of the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies.




    • The Organ as Mirror of Religion & Culture, Temperament, Sound, and Symbolism, a symposium at the new dual-temperament Pasi organ in Omaha. Co-sponsored with Saint Cecilia Cathedral and The University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
    • The Italian Baroque Organ: Context, Instruments, Repertory, Performance, co-sponsored by the Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York.


    • The Organ and The Pedal Clavichord, A Case-study in Performance and Pedagogy, co-sponsored by the Eastman School of Music, Rochester, New York.


    • Cavaillé-Coll in Oberlin; A Celebration of the C. B. Fisk Organ, co-sponsored with Oberlin Conservatory of Music.
    • Beyond Notation: a conference on improvisation in Mozart's time: a conference for fortepianists, co-sponsored by the University of Michigan.


    • Bach Organs of the North Tour, a study tour


    • Organ in the New Millenium, a symposium in Tacoma, Washington in collaboration with Pacific Lutheran University
    • Baroque and Romantic Organs of Spain, a study tour
    • Bach Organs Tour, a study tour


    • Tientos, Tamales & Pajaritos,a Spanish organ workshop in Oaxaca, Mexico
    • Organ Tour in Celebration of the 350th Anniversary of the Birth of Arp Schnitger,a study tour to historic organs in Germany and Holland


    • Historical Organs of Mexico, a study-tour


    • Festival Organ, an interactive exhibition about the pipe organ and its history, designed for the general public with a schedule of recitals, discussions, and lectures involving local instruments and artists; presented in eight locations nationwide.
    • Curious Facts from the Organ's History


    • Spanish and Mexican Organ Culture, workshops held in Fremont and Berkeley, California, on organs built by Manuel Rosales (Mission San Jose) and Greg Harrold (Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary)
    • Schubert’s Piano Music, symposia with public concerts in Washington, D.C., in collaboration with the Smithsonian Institution
    • Historical Organs of Mexico, a study-tour


    • Historical Organs of Mexico, a study-tour
    • Historical Organs of England, a study-tour


    • The Historical Organ in America, a symposium in Tempe, Arizona, in collaboration with Arizona State University and the American Organ Academy
    • Publication of The Historical Organ in America: A Documentary of Recent Organs Based on European & American Models


    • Organ Music in Spain’s Golden Age, a workshop at Wellesley College
    • Mozart’s Nature, Mozart’s World, bicentenary humanities symposia presented in Boston and five additional sites nationwide, in collaboration with museums, colleges, and other arts and humanities organizations


    • Haydn’s Piano Sonatas, conference and recitals at Smith College


    • Organs of Bach's Era in Thuringia and Saxony, a study-tour


    • Ornamentation in Bach, a workshop for harpsichordists
    • Consideration of Style and Technique in Performing Works of Mozart, a workshop for pianists


    • Ludwig van Beethoven: The Piano Music of the Middle Period, a workshop for pianists
    • From Scheidt to Buxtehude: German Music in the 17th Century, a scholarly conference with public concerts, in collaboration with Wellesley College. Papers from the conference were published as Church, Stage, and Studio: Music and Its Contexts in 17th-Century Germany, edited by Paul Walker, 1990.
    • Publication of Charles Brenton Fisk: Organ Builder, two volumes


    • Publication of Westfield (formerly Early Keyboard Studies Newsletter), the quarterly newsletter of the Westfield Center


    • Eight Summer workshops at Wellesley College beginning with Meantone Temperament: A New Horizon