We invite you to join the country’s preeminent organization for the advancement of keyboard music. Founded in 1979, the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies regularly presents festivals, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and publications recognized for their excellence and innovation. Members include highly acclaimed artists, noted scholars, some of the world’s greatest instrument builders, and music lovers.

As a nonprofit organization, we depend on members, donors, and our programs for our operating budget. Your support will enable new research in the cultural contexts and performance practices of keyboard music as well as the materials and craftsmanship of instrument making. You support will also contribute to the expansion of these interests to a broader public. As a Westfield Center member, you’ll enhance the plurality and vitality of keyboard music in our society.

Membership Rates

Member $75
Student $45

Annual membership is for the calendar year, from January 1 to December 31.

Friends Circle

Patron $5,000 or more
Benefactor $1,000–$4,999
Sponsor $500–$999
Supporter $250–$499
Donor $100–249

Complimentary Benefits of Membership