The Eugene Conference
April 8-11, 2010
The Netherlandish School of Organ Building and its North American Legacy

The conference will focus on the 16th-century organs of Hendrik Niehoff, their influence in North Germany around 1700, and their impact on the pioneering work of American organ builder John Brombaugh, whose work is represented by three organs in Eugene, Oregon.

Conference Participants Include:

Organists: Mark Brombaugh, Matthew Dirst, Christa Rakich, Dana Robinson, David Yearsley, and Harald Vogel
Chamber ensemble: Marc Vanscheeuwijck (baroque cello),
Director, Julia Brown (organ continuo)
Speakers/Panelists: John Boody, John Brombaugh, Cor Edskes, Frits Elshout, Elizabeth Harrison, Koos van de Linde, Annette Richards, Bruce Shull, George Taylor, and Harald Vogel
Featured instruments: Three organs by John Brombaugh; organ by Jürgen Ahrend; Cristofori fortepiano (copy by Thomas & Barbara Wolf)
On exhibit: Clavichord by Andy Lagerquist
Continuo organ by David Petty; Harpsichord by Owen Daly

Conference Co-Chairs: David Dahl, Matthew Dirst, Christa Rakich
Westfield Board President: James Weaver
Westfield Executive Director: Annette Richards

Conference Schedule

(All events / participants subject to change)

Thursday, April 8:

3:00-6:00 pm Registration, Red Lion Hotel
4:00 pm Optional pre-conference lecture by David Yearsley (University of Oregon)
6:30 pm Buffet dinner
8:00 pm Organ recital: Dana Robinson & Christa Rakich
Brombaugh, Opus 19 organ, Central Lutheran Church

Friday, April 9:

8:00 am Registration continues (Red Lion Hotel)

Session I: The Netherlandish Organ and Hendrik Niehoff: Then and Now
(Central Lutheran Church)

Introduction and Welcome

The Niehoff organ and Netherlandish building (Frits Elshout)

Lecture-demonstration: Brombaugh meets Niehoff: An Aural Encounter
(Harald Vogel on Brombaugh, Opus 19 organ)

11:00am Keynote Lecture: The Netherlandish Tradition (Cor Edskes)

Session II: Niehoff at Lüneburg

Recent Discoveries at Lüneburg (Koos van de Linde)
Commentary and discussion (John Brombaugh and Frits Elshout)

4:00pm At the Brombaugh Shop
Presentations by Rudy Zuiderveld, John Boody, Bruce Shull, George Taylor
Festive Reception
6:30 pm Dinner
8:00 pm Organ Recital: Matthew Dirst & David Yearsley
Ahrend organ (1972), Beall Hall, University of Oregon

Saturday, April 10:

9:00-11:00 am Session III: The Netherlandish and North German Organ: Building Traditions and Performance Practices
(Central Lutheran Church)

Presentations and discussions with Harald Vogel, Elizabeth Harrison, and others
11:15 am Concert: Chamber ensemble with Marc Vanscheeuwijck & Julia Brown
(Brombaugh, Opus 24f continuo organ), and David Yearsley (Cristofori
fortepiano by Thomas and Barbara Wolf)
Church of the Resurrection
1:00 pm Open General Meeting of the Westfield Center Board and Members
1:30 pm Organ recital: Mark Brombaugh
Brombaugh, Opus 38a organ, Church of the Resurrection
2:30 pm Final Panel Discussion and Conference summary
4:00 pm Film: Martinikerk Rondeau
5:30 pm Cocktails and dinner
8:00 pm Organ Recital: Harald Vogel
Brombaugh, Opus 19 organ, Central Lutheran Church

Sunday, April 11:

10:45 am Festive Worship Service at Central Lutheran Church;
ElRay Stewart-Cook, Director of Music.