The Eugene Conference

The Netherlandish School of Organ Building and its North American Legacy

April 8–11, 2010

Eugene, Oregon

Focusing on the 16th-century organs of Hendrik Niehoff, their influence in North Germany around 1700, and their impact on the pioneering work of American organ build John Brombaugh

Performers / Speakers / Panelists include:

John Boody
John Brombaugh
Mark Brombaugh
Julia Brown
Matthew Dirst
Cor Edskes
Frits Elshout
Elizabeth Harrison
Christa Rakich
Annette Richards
Dana Robinson
Bruce Shull
George Taylor
David Yearsley
Koos van de Linde
Winold van der Putten
Marc Vanscheeuwijck
Harald Vogel
Rudy Zuiderveld

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