Concert Scholar

NOTE: This program has been temporarily suspended.

The Westfield Center seeks to promote dialogue among keyboard performers, scholars, and instrument makers. One aspect of this mission is the Concert Scholar Program, designed to give talented young keyboard players in the early stages of their performing career an opportunity to perform on excellent instruments located throughout the country.

This program, made possible through the generous support of The John Ernest Foundation, provides a three-concert tour during the academic year following receipt of the award. The award is based on the concept of "student mentoring" and experiential learning, and as such, is intended to develop the student's skills as a performer, as well as his or her ability to meet and successfully interact with people in a professional and social context. Concerts are sponsored by TJEF which provides travel, and by the hosting institution, which provides hospitality. While there is no monetary award, the concert scholar receives a free membership to the Westfield Center.

Concert Scholars may be nominated by any Westfield Center member, and are selected by the Board of Directors. The nominee must be a full time student currently enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in keyboard performance who plays organ, harpsichord, clavichord, or fortepiano. The winner will also be responsible for the preparation of program information, including a bio and program notes.

Further details of the nomination and selection process are announced in Westfield, the monthly e-newsletter of the Westfield Center. Results for the 2009-10 Concert Scholar have been published in the Westfield Center's newsletter of June 2009.

Concert Scholars
2009-10 Erin Helyard (harpsichord and fortepiano)
2007-8 Emanuele Battisti (organ) and Frédéric Lacroix (fortepiano)