Westfield International Fortepiano Competition
July 31, 2011 – August 6, 2011

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Prize Winners


A 1784 J. A. Stein by Thomas McCobb, FF-f’’’

A 1795 (?) Johann Schanz by Thomas and Barbara Wolf, FF-g’’’

A 1799 (?) Longman and Clementi by Chris Maene, FF-c’’’’ (First and Second Rounds)

A 1805 (?)Walter und Sohn by Paul McNulty, FF-c’’’’ (First Round

An 1814 Nannette Streicher by Thomas and Barbara Wolf, FF-f’’’’

An 1824 Conrad Graf by Rod Regier, CC-f’’’’

An 1827 Broadwood, restored by Edwin Beunk, FF-f’’’’

An 1830 (?) Joseph Simon (workshop of Conrad Graf), restored by Ugo Casiglia, CC-g’’’’ (Second Round)