Robert Bates, University of Houston
Chris Bragg, University of St. Andrews
Craig Cramer, University of Notre Dame
Bruce Dickey, cornetto, Bologna, Italy
Matthew Dirst, University of Houston
Stephen Lancaster, baritone, University of Notre Dame
Anne Laver, Syracuse University
Kimberly Marshall, Arizona State University
Annette Richards, Cornell University
Nicole Simental, MSM Notre Dame and 2016 NYACOP semi-finalist
Liuwe Tamminga, Bologna, Italy
Kevin Vaughn, DMA Notre Dame and 2014 NYACOP semi-finalist
Paul Walker, University of Notre Dame
David Yearsley, Cornell University

Paper sessions and recitals on both Fritts organs:

In the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, recitals by Craig Cramer, Kimberly Marshall, and Christophe Mantoux.

On the Fritts organ and the Italian organ in the Performing Arts Center, recitals by Robert Bates, Chris Bragg, Bruce Dickey and Liuwe Tamminga, Matthew Dirst, Stephen Lancaster and Paul Walker, Anne Laver, Annette Richards, Nicole Simental, Kevin Vaughn, and David Yearsley.

Keynote address by Kerala Snyder, and papers by Robert Bates, Chris Bragg, Lynn Edwards Butler, Jeffrey Cooper, Paul Fritts, Edmond Johnson, Christopher Marks, Annette Richards, Paul Thornock, Alexis VanZalen, Kevin Vogt, and Paul Walker.

Find the schedule here, and recital programs here.