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Keyboard Perspectives 12

Keyboard Perspectives
ISSN 1943-0809

The Yearbook of the Westfield Center for Historical Keyboard Studies provides a rich and lively forum for scholars, performers, instrument-builders and amateurs of the keyboard across both time and genre. Keyboard Perspectives offers peer-reviewed articles, interviews, and reviews of the highest scholarly quality in a style accessible to music lovers and the public at large.

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Westfield Newsletter

Westfield: The Newsletter of the Westfield Center
Editor: Stephen Craig

The newsletter, published two to four times a year, features short interviews and exploratory essays as well as institutional news and relevant contributions from members and related organizations. The Westfield Center welcomes announcements of events and conferences. For further information, e-mail us.

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Books and Pamphlets

Orphei Organi Antiqui

Orphei Organi Antiqui: Essays in Honor of Harald Vogel
edited by Cleveland Johnson
ISBN 0-9778400-0-X

Orphei Organi Antiqui, "for the Orpheus of the Historic Organ," celebrates the multifaceted career and visionary endeavors of Harald Vogel, a pioneering authority on German keyboard performance of the eighteenth-century and earlier. The volume addresses topics in keyboard literature, performance practice, improvisation, congregational singing, organ restoration.

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Hamburg's Role in Northern European Organ Building

Hamburg's Role in Northern European Organ Building
by Gustav Fock, with foreword by Harald Vogel,
translated and edited by Lynn Edwards and Edward C. Pepe
ISBN 0-9616755-3-5

During the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, the organ builders of the city of Hamburg created the most influential organs of their time. This seminal essay by the respected historian Gustav Fock, originally published in 1939, is updated not only by Fock's later writings, but also by recent research.

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Timeline of the Organ

Timeline of the Organ
by Barbara Owen
ISBN 0-9616755-6-x

This eight panel, full-color fold-out brochure is a printed version of the Timeline display from Westfield's Festival Organ exhibit. It traces the history of the organ from the 6th century B.C.E. through modern times, correlated to major events of history. Many pictures of historic organs are included. The Timeline of the Organ was perhaps the most popular part of the Westfield Festival Organ exhibit, now retired. It is a great teaching tool for schools and other educational programs, as well as for those who are interested in a graphical presentation of the history of the organ. (1995)

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The Organ: King of Instruments

The Organ: King of Instruments
Gregory Hayes, editor
ISBN 0-9616755-7-8

This booklet was first published in conjunction with Westfield's Festival Organ exhibit. Peter Williams, Laurence Libin, and Richard Cleary offer brief essays on the history of the organ, the organ in American life, and the organ's unique connection to architecture. Michael Barone, host of the public radio program Pipedreams, provides a guide to organ recordings, and Douglas Bush a lexicon of technical terms. (Easthampton, MA 1996)

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