Paul Walker has masters degree in Organ Performance from the University of Kansas and a PhD in Musicology from the State University of New York at Buffalo, He taught at Yale University, the University of Chicago, and the University of Virginia before coming to Notre Dame in 2011, where he teaches organ and organ-related coursework and supervises the internship program participated in by all students in the Sacred Music Program. Dr. Walker has focused his scholarly work on the early history of fugue and on music of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. His book Theories of Fugue from the Age of Josquin to the Age of Bach (University of Rochester Press, 2000) won the American Bach Society's William H. Scheide Prize in 2002. He has also published, with Diane Parr Walker, German Sacred Polyphonic Vocal Music Between Schütz and Bach: Sources and Critical Editions (Harmonie Park Press, 1992), and he is the author of the articles on fugue and related topics in The New Grove Dictionary II. Dr. Walker has published editions of Samuel Capricornus and Marc-Antoine Charpentier with A-R Editions, serves on the Editorial Board for the Buxtehude Collected Works published by Broude Brothers, and serves with Mary Frandsen and Peter Wollny on the Editorial Board for the Complete Works of Sebastian Knüpfer, to be published by the American Institute of Musicology in the series Corpus mensurabilis musicae. Current projects include the final two volumes to appear in the Buxtehude series, for both of which he is principal editor, one of the Knüpfer volumes, and a third edition for A-R, this one of Ottaviano Scotto's Primo libro dei canzoni of 1535. He is also working on a book (or two) on the history of fugue before Bach. - Link here to: Concert Program page .