Houston 2012: Full Schedule

Thursday, April 12: Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

2-4pm     Westfield Board of Directors Meeting

4:00pm    Registration begins at Hilton Post Oak

4:30pm    Bus from Hilton Post Oak to Co-Cathedral

5:00pm   Welcome by Conference Co-Chairs, Matthew Dirst and Robert Bates

5:10pm    Introduction to Pasi Op 19 by Martin Pasi

5:40pm    Organ Open House

6:15pm    Dinner and Reception in the Cathedral

7:30pm    Recital by-Mel Butler (St Mark's Cathedral, Seattle WA)

9:00pm    Bus to Post Oak Hilton


Friday, April 13: Christ the King Lutheran Church & Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart

8:45am    Bus to Christ the King

9:00am    Registration

9:30am    Introduction to Noack Op 128 by Fritz Noack

10:00am  Recital by Kimberly Marshall (Arizona State University)

11:00am  Coffee Break

11:20am  Lecture by Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra, "Globalization and Eclecticism: Blessings and Banes"

12:00pm  Lunch break (on our own)

1:30pm    Concert by Robert Bates with Ars Lyrica Houston, Matthew Dirst, Artistic Director

2:30pm    Lecture by  Gustavo Delgado Parra, "The Organ Works of José de Torres y Martínez Bravo (c1670-1738) in Mexican and Spanish Sources: A Critical Survey"

3:10pm    Lecture by competition winner Riyehee Hong, "University of Michigan Stellfeld Collection M7.C63: A New Source for French Post-Classical Organ Registration"

3:45pm    Coffee break

4:00pm    Lectures by competition winners Randall Harlow, "Technology, Tradition, and the Analog Acoustic: New Synergies for 21st-Century Organ Building in the Woehl Studio Acusticum Organ" and Tiffany Ng, "Pfeifen klatschen lachen: The Graphic Notation of Contemporary Organ Music"

5:15pm    Bus to Dinner

5:45pm    Dinner at Kim Son Restaurant

7:00pm    Bus to Recital

7:30pm    Recital by Stephen Tharp (NYC AGO 2011 International Performer of the Year) at the Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart (co-sponsored by the Cathedral music series)

9:00pm    Bus to Hilton

Saturday, April 14: St Philip Presbyterian Church

8:45am     Walk to St. Philip Presbyterian Church

9:00am     One-day registration

9:30am     Introduction to Fritts Op 29 by Paul Fritts

10:00am     Young Artists Recital by Naomi Shiga, Damin Spritzer, and Tom Schuster

11:15am     Coffee Break

11:35am    Lecture by Kimberly Marshall, "Arnolt Schlick: A Mirror on Organ Playing in the early 16th Century"

12:15pm    Lunch (on your own)

1:45pm    Recital by Gustavo Delgado Parra (Universidad Autónoma de Mexico)

2:45pm    Coffee Break

3:00pm    Lecture by Robert Bates, "The Sacred and the Secular in French Renaissance Organ Building" and Christopher Anderson (Southern Methodist University), "Reger through History: Why Playing the Organ Music Is a Problem"

4:15pm    Concluding remarks by Matthew Dirst and Robert Bates (co-chairs)

5:45pm    Closing banquet in St. Phillip Dining Hall

7:00pm    Recital by Pamela Ruiter-Feenstra (Author of Bach and the Art of Improvisation): "Bach's Teacher, Böhm, and Improvisation"

8:30pm    Walk to hotel