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Tomoko Kitamura (Japan)

Born 1979 in Saga, Japan, Ms. Kitamura studied organ with Tsuguto Hirosawa and harpsichord with Shin-ichiro Nakano and Akiko Kawaguchi from 1998 to 2005 at the Elisabeth University of Music of Hiroshima, Japan. From 2003 until 2007 she continued her organ studies at the Belgium Flanders Center in Osaka with Akiko Sakakura. Ms. Kitamura has attended master courses with Jacques van Oortmerssen, Umberto Pineschi, Lorenzo Ghielmi, Edoardo Bellotti, Christoph Bossert, William Porter, Ludger Lohmann, Arvid Gast, Zsigmond Szathmáry, Jaroslav Tůma, Guy Bovet, Olivier Latry and Martin Gester, among others. She received the Shirakawa Prize of the Italian Organ Summer Academy of Gifu, Japan in 2007 and was a finalist at the Arp-Schnitger Competition in 2012 and the second international organ competition “AGATI-TRONCI” in 2013. She won the second prize in the second International Organ Competition “Camillo Guglielmo Bianchi Varzi,” in Italy in July 2013. Since October 2009, she has been studying organ (Early Music) at the Hochschule für Künste Bremen in the organ class of Edoardo Bellotti, Hans Davidsson and Harald Vogel; clavichord with Ulrika Davidsson; harpsichord with Carsten Lohff and harmonium with Winfred Dahlke.


Round I, Part I

Muffat — Toccata III from Apparatus musico-organisticus (1690)

J. S. Bach — “An Wasserflüssen Babylon,” BWV 653

J. S. Bach — Prelude and Fugue in D major, BWV 532

Round I, Part II

Froberger — Toccata in D minor, FbWV 102

Frescobaldi — Recercar quarto sopra mi, re, fa, mi from Recercari (1615), F. 9.04

Frescobaldi — Toccata quarta per l’organo da sonarsi all’elevazione from Il secondo libro di toccate, F. 3.04

Weckmann — Canzona in C minor

Round II

Graun — Organ Concerto in G minor – 1. Animoso

Bruhns — “Nun komm der Heiden Heiland”

J. S. Bach — “Kommst du nun, Jesu, vom Himmel herunter,” BWV 650

C. P. E. Bach — Fantasia and Fugue in C minor, Wq. 119/7


J. S. Bach — Prelude and Fugue in E minor, BWV 548

Hindemith — Organ Sonata No. 2

Johannes Brahms (1833–1897) — 4. “Herzlich tut mich erfreuen,” 8. “Es ist ein Ros entsprungen” and 10. “Herzlich tut mich verlangen” from Eleven Chorale Preludes, op. 122

Franz Liszt (1811–1886) — Variations on “Weinen, Klagen, Sorgen, Zagen”