Diego Ares
Monday, June 6th at 12:30 pm

Don Domingo & fray Antonio
Harpsichord Sonatas from the Morgan Library

Domenico SCARLATTI (1685-1757)
Sonata 1ª in G Major, Allegro (K. 105)
Sonata 39ª in A minor, Andante Adagio (K. 109)
Sonata 40ª in A Major, Allegro (K. 113)
Sonata 12ª in A Major (Previously unknown)
Sonata 95ª in D Major, Andante è Cantabile (K.478)
Sonata 96ª in D Major, Allegrissimo, (K. 479)

Fr. Antonio SOLER (1729-1783)
Preludio N° 2 in G minor
Sonata 9ª in G minor, Allegretto (SR. 87)
Sonata 10ª in G minor, Allegro Grazioso (SR. 42)
Sonata 25ª in B minor, Andante
Sonata 26ª in B minor, Allegro
Sonata 42ª in Ab Major, Andantino
Sonata 43ª in Ab Major, Allegro

Diego Ares was born in 1983 and studied piano with Aleksandras Jurgelionis and Aldona Dvarionaité, and harpsichord with Pilar Cancio and Richard Egarr. Harpsichord maker Joel Katzman, harpsichordists Rafael Puyana and Genoveva Gálvez, and study of historical recordings have guided his work and his research. Ares appears in concert throughout Europe; he also performs in Japan. He began making recordings in 2006. His three solo recordings (for Harmonia Mundi and Pan Classics) were highly acclaimed by the press (three times Diapason d’Or, Choc de Classica, Maestro de Pianiste, Excepcional from Scherzo and the Preis der Deustchen Schallplatten Kritik). As pedagogue, he taught harpsichord, fortepiano and basso continuo at the Musikhochschule in Trossingen (Germany).