Music from the Old World to the New

Music from the Old World to the New
March 2023
Sigal Music Museum
Greenville, South Carolina, USA

The history of keyboard instruments bears witness to centuries of global exchange: patterns of performance, composition, manufacturing, taste-making, migration, capital, and colonial exploitation shaped by the traversal of geographic locales. Our Spring 2023 conference, “Music from the Old World to the New”––hosted in partnership with the Sigal Music Museum and its world-class collection of historical instruments––interrogates such dynamics as they’ve persisted between Europe and the Western hemisphere from the seventeenth century on. Programs will include concerts on the Museum’s harpsichords, clavichords, and pianos, and talks that consider how practices upon them shore up new ways to understand music-historical, reportorial, and organological developments constrained not solely to years prior, but to our present moment of transnational interconnection across the Atlantic.

More information about the conference will be coming soon. In the meantime, you can learn more about the Sigal Museum by way of this link, and more about possible keyboards to featured at the conference here.

Picture: Stein 1784, part of the Sigal collection